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We are called Bio Transcript Partners for a reason.

Much like DNA is transcribed into RNA that eventually makes proteins, 

we help founders transform their discoveries into development stage companies to ultimately produce medicines.

We invest in founding teams, not just by providing capital, but by providing mentoring and access to our networks.

We believe that what goes around comes around. When  the time comes to celebrate success, we want to share this success with institutions who fund research.

We share our success by reinvesting in Children's Research Hospitals.

When is the right time to approach Bio Transcript?

It is never too early to approach us. We are interested in finding out about founders and their needs early on. Even if you think you are not ready yet, we would still like to hear from you. We may be able to help.

Can it be too late to approach you?

Yes. We are focused on pre-seed and seed stage. We believe this is where we can help you the most.

Do you only invest  in particular areas of biotechnology?

Yes, we are focused on areas where our team has deep expertise and where we can be helpful partners to your team. We are primarily interested in therapeutics, in the areas of neurology, oncology, rare diseases and gene therapy.

What do you look for in a founding team?

We are looking to invest and help great founding teams. We do not necessarily look for teams with business credentials. Here are a few things that matter most to us: scientific excellence, ambition, an appetite for learning and a passion to see your science translated into medicines.

What does Bio Transcript look for in a research project?

We look for robust evidence-base of breakthrough science. By breakthrough we mean science that has potential to address significant unmet needs with a much higher effect than therapeutic alternatives.

How should I get in touch with Bio Transcript?

Just email one of our partners. We review every single opportunity that we receive.

Do you invest only in Europe?

No, we are focused mainly on investing in UK based companies because this is where most our partners are located. However, we will invest in companies outside the UK when the opportunity is too good to pass-up. Either way, we invest in companies with ambitions to serve patients globally.

How much do you invest in a new company?

Our investment ranges from £500,000 to £3 million. We will invest in your first round and we may also continue to support you by investing in follow-on rounds.

Does Bio Transcript have specific onwership requirements?

No, we don't. Unlike other venture capital funds that have minimum requirements, we only require enough to make our capital and time investment worthwhile. We are keen on making sure founding teams retain significant ownership and incentive.

What makes you different from other venture capital funds?

We are founder friendly. We invest not only capital, but a significant amount of our time and the time of our network of partners in helping founding teams succeed. Whether it concerns defining your business strategy,  sourcing your development partners or hiring the best team, we are here to help and to make sure you can focus your attention on the science. Through our network, you will also have a direct-line to pharmaceutical industry partners who will help you identify the best licensing or commercialisation approach.

Do you take board seats? How much mentoring and direction do you offer?

We do take board seats in some cases, but not always. We are exclusively focused on offering the best mentoring and networking support programs.

What are the Children's Research Hospitals in which you re-invest?

We reinvest part of the profits made into Children's Research Hospitals. The money will be allocated among The Great Ormond Street Hospital (London), Hopital Necker Enfants-Malades (Paris) and Ospedale San Raffaele (Milan).

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