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Glenn Cornett

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I am a biotech entrepreneur who reluctantly admits that diet, exercise and sleep are usually more effective than drugs.

I help biotech companies start or reposition, frequently taking equity positions, sometimes taking an operational role: Therapeutics (role: Chief Science Officer) - Alzheimer’s / neurodegenerative disease, Cogmotos – (Executive Chairman) Prevention / treatment of postoperative delirium, Longevica – (Consultant) Cancer, aging, neurodegenerative disease, cardiovascular, Navitas – (Founder) Liver (portal hypertension / NASH / cirrhosis), cardiovascular, metabolic, Pastorus (Founder), Demeter (Co-founder) – Autism.

Earlier work involved roles at McKinsey, Eli Lilly, Razorfish (where I ran the US and European strategy practices) and Los Alamos National Laboratory (where I wrote a book on plutonium and public health policy). Off-hours work involves the arts (mainly for early and modern music). I have served on several not-for-profit boards (e.g., Electronic Music Foundation, American Festival of Microtonal Music). I founded the NYC experimental arts venue Spectrum in 2012, which has since presented over 2,400 events.

I earned a BA in Chemistry from Brigham Young University, a PhD in Neuroscience from UCLA and an MD at University of Michigan Medical School.

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