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Dan Simpson

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Venture Partner

My previous roles include long stints at Accenture, Monitor Group and most recently Iqvia, always consulting in healthcare; across care, pharma, biotech and IT.   At Iqvia I managed the team responsible for identifying and designing studies to exploit real world data across Europe for the last 7 years.  This team not only generated evidence both about a product’s in-market performance, but also on unmet need, disease trajectory, economics, patient flow etc. Often the most value from this evidence is in helping companies understand their product value proposition and position and design both the trials and the product correctly. 


My team set up the leading healthcare relationships, technology, information governance and commercials for studying a number of rare diseases, cancers and many other disease areas. We took a lead on the design and execution of synthetic control arms; particularly working with novel CAR-T agents.  We ran the largest evidence platform in oncology in Europe, if not the world, with many contributing centres:


I also designed, formed and helped run the Real World Evidence Leadership Forum which has now been going for 4 years. This is a collaboration of over 20 pharma companies working in a non competitive environment to understand and promote the use of real world data.  


I hold a Masters in Biochemisty from Oxford.  

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